The bicycle electric high – end engine plants in many cases integrated, being a revolution for mountain biking. The concept of an electric bicycle that we have in mind will change, radically, the better we are getting to know this type of electric vehicles.

A big difference stands out over the rest, to differentiate an electric bike with which you cannot make a drop of effort and an electric mountain bike with which you can demand much more if you want.

The 5 Best Electric Mountain Bikes

The key resides in the sensor that sends the command to the controller and this, in turn, reclaims the power to the battery to power the motor. Cadence sensors are conventionally used, which can be “tricked” with some ease if a high level of assistance is chosen and a soft pinion as if facing a prolonged slope, the sensor detects a strong cadence and demands the same force to the engine. But it does not really require any effort. This type of sensors are usually used in engines located on the wheel and operate by speed if the first speed is selected, the engine will not exceed 8 km / h, in the second speed 18km / h and in the third speed 28km / h, Provided we use a 250-watt quality motor.

In contrast, the central motors that assemble the electric mountain models, work with integrated stress sensors in the axis of the pedaler, detect the force that is exerted on the pedal and multiplies it according to the level of assistance selected. In the first speed will assist up to 25m / h but multiplying the force by 0.5 pushing 50%; In the second level also assists up to 25km/h, but the force multiplies by 1.5 (150%); In the third level, also up to 25km / h, the force multiplies by 3, receiving a 300% thrust.

The 5 Best Electric Mountain Bikes

The way in which both assists feel is completely different, so the bikes Electric mountain high end are monopolizing the market, giving inexperienced cyclists which are not afraid to finish a small route- the freedom to face any challenge. With a machine of these benefits, which is part of the mountain biking will reach as far as it had not been raised, being able to accompany cyclists of any level.

This selection of the five best mountain bikes for 2017 may well coincide with the selection of the top five central electric motors as big brands focus their designs by choosing the best electric motors.

01. Rotwild All Mountain RX + FS

First, how could it be otherwise, is Rotwild, with its model All Mountain RX + FS available in three versions COMP, PRO, EVO and TEAM starting from $5399, powered with an advanced battery 518Watios hour and fed The 90 Newton Metro BROSE engine.

Rotwild manufactured the electrical system in collaboration with Brose, to integrate it into the recognized geometries its range of bikes mechanical mountain, so sought after by mountain bike enthusiasts, improving what seemed impossible.

The engine and battery integration system in the frame has also been developed and evolved by Rotwild, used later by the other brands. Behind such innovation is engineering ADP, using the Rotwild brand as a showcase to marvel the world with their creations.

In the diagonal carbon tube where the battery is integrated, we find a pack of cells that form 14.5ah or 518WH, does not mean that they have no room for more or want to save money much less, Rotwild has chosen a battery of 518Wh per Only weight ratio, this being the best balance between the front wheel and the rear wheel.

In short, all that surrounds the Rotwild brand is quality, innovation and design to the last screw; you will not find another brand of similar performance and quality in the market.

The 5 Best Electric Mountain Bikes

02. Rotwild All Mountain RX + FS

If we talk about Rotwild, what about the top sales brand Bulls, who entrust their designs and electrical systems to Rotwild, they designed their mountain collection with Brose motor the first few years, opening the way of the revolution that has caused the electric bicycles of Mountain Bulls last season.

Bulls eBikes uses the same integration of the Brose electrical system in the frame, increases up to 650 watts hour battery power, reduces the quality and price of some components such as tires, hub, spokes, handlebar, power, telescopic boom, seat … and gets to release a bicycle electrical teeming mountain quality components, such as version E-Stream Evo 3 FS 27.5 Plus , with paths 150 mm RockShox suspensions, changes Deore XT 11 speed (the two sprockets 22) At an unbeatable price of $4299.

03.Haibike Xduro All Mountain 6.0

The German brand Haibike has continued to invest year after year in its ePerformance electric range, its model Xduro All Mountain 6.0 is assembled with the Bosch performance CX engine of 75 Newton Meter of push, a semi-integrated battery of 500 Wh (14 Ah), SRAM changes, telescopic boom and Magura hydraulic brakes, its price $3999.

04. Haibike Sduro All Mountain 6.0

In another price step, the Sduro All Mountain version with central Yamaha PW engine of 70 Newton meter of the electric range Haibike, battery of 500 Wh, suspensions RockShox of 150 mm, changes Shimano Deore XT, hydraulic disc brakes Magura MT5 and a Fantastic price of $3699.

If we want to taste the most powerful engine version offered by Yamaha, we have to go to the next version, Sduro All Mountain 7.0 model with Yamaha PW-X engine with 80 Newton meters and a price of $4299.

The 5 Best Electric Mountain Bikes

One step below we find, the electric mountain bike double suspension and engine and integrated battery of better market price. All Mountain 5.0 with 400 Wh battery, Deore SLX changes, Sr Suntour suspensions and an incredible price of 2999 €.

05. M1 Sporttechnik Spitzing Pedelec

Lastly, we have put on the smoother version of the Mtech Sporttechnik Pedelec, mounted on 250 watts. A machine halfway between bike and field bike, its most powerful model can be purchased with 850 watts of power.

The culprit, the central engine M1 has chosen for its collection of Spitzing models, capable of developing a thrust of 120 NM, even in its less powerful example, the M1 Pedelec 250 watts we are analyzing.

160mm FOX FLOAT suspension, Shimano XT gearbox, Magura MT5 hydraulic brakes, DT Swiss wheels and bushings and 27.5 x 2.3 inch Schwalbe tires are some of the top-of-the-range components of the M1 Spitzing Pedelec.

The 880W battery is the most powerful available on a mountain electric bike.

The price of the version 250W is $7699. No doubt a beast that will give much to speak throughout the year.

So far a small selection of the 5 best MTB electric bikes of 2018, electric machines full of quality and fun assured for those fortunate who decide to buy it, will you be one of them?

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