Last week, an important event took place in the world of crowding: Indiegogo, one of the two largest Western platforms for raising funds, opened a platform for the sale of innovative products for start-ups. This move should provide the company a significant advantage over its main competitor, Kick starter.

In response, representatives of Kick starter said that their site would continue to deal only with the embodiment of creative plans: “We are striving to make it clear that we are not a store, but a way to support the creation of something new.” How new? Read in our weekly selection of crow diving projects!

Best Gadgets for the Week

DIGIFILM Y35Japanese brand Yashica launched on Kick starter project, which simultaneously collected $ 1 million orders from hipsters and seriously angered photographers around the world. Digital camera digi Film Y35 – this is a common digital “soapbox,” in appearance repeating the legendary Yashica Electro.

It is equipped with a physical winding, shutter release and a shutter speed selector. In order not to spoil the retro-illusion, the LCD screen does not have a camera, only the viewfinder. Therefore, for full-fledged work, you will need a “digital film,” which is, in fact, a cartridge for selecting the photography mode – black and white, color, and so on.

Images are saved on an SD memory card; the device is powered by two finger batteries. The developers of the camera managed to catch the spirit of the time, because, as mentioned above, Y35 became the record holder of the platform with $ 1,168,000 raised.

Best Gadgets for the Week


Miniature quadrocopter Rockee does what is possible by a few consumer drones: pleases its owner with real air battles. For the battle, you need at least two drones. When an infrared “gun” on board one shoots on the second, the sensors catch a “collision.” Received the “infrared missile” the device temporarily loses control, and after four hits landed on the ground.

Drone is controlled by the smartphone and the complete controller. The gadget also has an FPV camera, the image of which is transferred to the screen of the smartphone or the video glasses. And, as it should be a good racing drones, Rockee comes in disassembled form.

Best Gadgets for the Week

Everybot RS700

Do not like to wash floors? South Korean robot polotere Everybot RS700 with pleasure will take a wet cleaning for themselves. This is an updated version of the existing robot RS500, and the principle of action it has not changed.

Both devices clean the floor with two disks with replaceable microfiber cloths. The RS700 features a higher speed of rotation of the discs – 5700 rpm, and an extended duration of up to 100 minutes.

Adventure Tape

People all over the world adore an adhesive tape, and that’s why startups with an enviable regularity try to come up with its “killer.” The next “Scotch of the XXI century” Adventure Tape differs from the unique original with its reusability, resistance to mechanical damage and low temperatures.

In particular, the polyurethane tape does not lose elasticity and sticky properties at -20 ℃. Minuses? Glue too, no, layers of tape stick to each other due to high adhesion, so that the hole in the Beavan cannot be blocked with such material.

Best Gadgets for the Week

Most speakers, objectively speaking, are very boring stuff. However, the startup engineers Comhear managed to come up with one that deserves attention. Yarra 3DX soundbar is served as “the world’s first affordable 3D sound projector”.

This is not an exaggeration: the gadget provides surround sound for three listeners at once – literally “projects” it. The technology is called MyBeam; it has already been tested in the attraction Mass Effect: New Earth in the amusement park Great America, and now it was presented in a user-friendly format.

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