Choosing a monitor is usually not a simple task … because of the wide variety of models and resolutions that exist in the market. Some questions we must solve are … What resolution do I want and need? IPS or TN panel? 60, 120 or 144 Hz? Am I going to use it to play? For this reason, we have developed this guide of the best monitors of the moment for PC  with their respective TOPS by resolutions.

Best Monitors for PC

The Best Monitors of the Moment for PC

We do not want to get too involved with technicalities, but you should know some important aspects when choosing a monitor.

Panel TN: it is usually the most used for players because it usually has a very low response (1ms) and offers really high refresh rate (up to 144 Hz). For example, in games like Counter Strike Global Offense (CS: GO) a 144 Hz monitor gives us a plus that a monitor does not give us. Since we have a more accurate vision to follow our rival. The big problem of this panel that loses a lot when we look at it in different angles and the fidelity of the colors is not usually very good, even recalibrating.

IPS Panel: 90% of the time is used for photo and video design. The fidelity of colors is very precise and each time they come better optimized to play. It is one of our favorite panels since the image quality in games is totally superior to that of a TN. On the other hand, its price is much higher and can have light leaks (Bleeding) in very dark conditions. In an intermediate way is the VA … that give a good result and we do not find the famous Bleeding in them.

Extras: We must take into account if the monitor comes with G-SYNC technology that increases fluidity, speed and improves the load of the image to the monitor. If the monitor is pivotable, that is, if it can be rotated horizontally or vertically, if the frames are too dense and if it includes loudspeakers or not. The latter is very useful for users who only wear helmets and do not want to spend money on external speakers or active monitors with their amplifier.

Resolution: We enter into one of the most important aspects when playing on a monitor. We have to be clear that the relationship plus resolution = more hardware requirements we will need. The most recommended resolutions are detailed below.

1920 x 1080p (Full HD)

It is the most used today both to play and to work. We usually find very good monitors at prices within reach of any pocket. It is the 100% recommended the purchase because it covers all the needs of 90% of consumers.

1. Asus VG248QE | 24 “inches – 144 Hz

One of our favorites It also incorporates a TN screen of 24 inches, 144 Hz and a response of 1ms. It is compatible with 3D technology and incorporates two 2W speakers. The differences between the BenQ is minimal, and we believe that this is the best option.

Best Monitors for PC

2. BenQ XL2411Z | 24 “inches – 144 Hz

The first two positions are carried by special monitors for gaming. This is of great  BenQ XL2411Z of 24 inches with TN panel and response time of 1ms. The monitor is pivotable up to 90 degrees and is compatible with the 3D technology.

3. Dell P2314H | 23 “inches – IPS

Possibly the best monitor with 23-inch IPS screen at a price consistent with this resolution. This new version works at 60 Hz and has a response of 8 ms, do not kid yourself because it is more than enough to play any game. The image quality is superior to the TN or VA and is a purchase that if you can afford it is 100% recommended.

Best Monitors for PC

4. BenQ EW2440L | 24 “inches

Possibly one of the best quality/ prices monitors with Full HD resolution. Stands out for some very thin frames. It has a 24-inch panel, VA 8-bit technology and is reinforced with a technology to improve image quality with a contrast of 3000: 1. Its response time is 4 ms GtG and it operates at 60 Hz.

5. Asus MX239H | 23 “inches – IPS

The MX series of Asus is the best in aesthetics, with its brushed aluminum effect gives it a very elegant touch. It has a size of 23 inches with an IPS panel, HDMI output, two 3.2- cm speakers of 5 watts each and the QuickFit Virtual Scale technology.

6. BenQ GL2460HM | 24 “inches

Another good BenQ monitor with TN LED panel and 2 ms response. It incorporates a speaker has dimensions of 19.4 x 43.4 x 56.5 cm. Among its benefits, we find a reading mode that improves the experience and clarity of the text.

Best Monitors for PC

7. Asus VX229H | 21.5 “inches IPS

Undoubtedly one of the best quality/price IPS monitors offered by the market with a 21.5-inch screen and a response time of 5 ms. The ratio of counts is of 80000000: 1 and that incorporates two multimedia speakers of 2WS each one. We have two HDMI output and one classic VGA.

8. LG 22MP57VQ-P | 22 “inches – IPS

Another good IPS monitor but 22 inches with AH-IPS panel and a response time of 5 ms. Its price is somewhat tighter because it does not incorporate speakers but an HDMI output, another DVI and a D-SUB. Among its novelties, we find a reading mode and the Super Energy Saving technology.

9. LG 22M37A-B | 22 “inches – IPS

Find a 22-inch monitor and only LG IPS panel would be able to launch it. The response time of 5ms, contrast ratio 10,000,000: 1 and a single D-SUB connection are its characteristics. An authentic low cost!

Best Monitors for PC

10. Dell U2414H | 24 “Inch – IPS

The market does not offer as much variety as Full HD and this resolution is usually worth a lot, although its best bulwark is the Dell U2414H with 24 inches and an excellent IPS panel. You have dimensions of 18.5 x 53.9 x 48.6 cm, very narrow edges (ideal for a Surround) and is pivotable with two positions: vertical and horizontal. It has a acknowledgment time of 8 ms but one of the best quality/price panels on the market. If you need a monitor of these characteristics, this is your purchase.

1920 x 1200p

This 16:10 resolution is ideal for working, we gain a lot more screen, and for graphic designers it is ideal. To play, we will hardly notice a difference in requirements, since you did not give much of the 16: 9. Another positive thing for these resolutions that with a GTX 970 we will be able to play all current games to the top, without any drastic drops (except that they are badly optimized games). Even with a GTX 950/960, we can have great performance.

1. Dell U2415 | 24 “inch – IPS

This version takes little time to the market but is one of the favorites by the users. In addition to incorporating a panel superior to that of the U2414, it includes a great variety of rear connections: 2 x DisplayPort, 2 x HDMI, and 5 USB 3.0 ports. The panel offers a response time of 6 ms and incredible viewing angles.

2. Asus VS24AH | 24 “inch – IPS

For those who have the Dell brand banned, we have an alternative to the Asus VS24AH with a 24-inch panel and a response time of 5 ms. We know at first hand that the result is excellent and that several users opted for a system of 3 monitors with this monitor and they are very happy.

3. HP Z24i | 24 “inch – IPS

For me the best monitor with this resolution but it penalizes a lot its high price, and therefore it goes down to the fourth position. The 24-inch IPS 8-bit panel, multiple rear connections and excellent response time. There is little variety, but the competition is hard … the end user must choose, save a little or play it safe. For this price, we can go thinking about a higher resolution.

Best Monitors for PC

2560 x 1440p (2K)

This is the most common resolution after Full HD. Ideal for those who ask a little more to your PC. Therefore we need more graphic power (SLI GTX 970 / GTX 980 Ti) and it is used in most medium / high range iMAC. There are many interesting models for gaming that we will detail in this article.

1. Asus PG278Q | 27 “inches – TN – 144 Hz

Its high price is its great handicap but to carry a TN panel has a very good color fidelity. A good resolution, 144 Hz and an excellent lighting system. We already saw it in our analysis, and the results were excellent. If you are a gamer … this is your monitor, but accompany it with a good graphic.

2. Dell U2515H | 25 “inches – IPS

Currently we have it on our test bench and it is an all-terrain, 25-inch IPS panel, adjustable size, pivotable and with a wide variety of connections. It is our favorite monitor in this resolution … The best price. Buy 100% recommended.

3. Dell U2715H | 27 “inches – IPS

It happens to the Dell U2713H and is that it is one of these monitors that take away the hiccups. 27 inches, specific for professionals, the response time of 6 ms, a mount for VESA 100, screen brightness of 350 cd / m2, USB 3.1, USB 3.0 and available in silver or black.

Best Monitors for PC

4. BenQ BL3200PT | 32 “inches – VA

This monitor has “petado” in the community with its panel VA of 32 inches and an excellent response time of 4ms. Another of my favorites for its USB 3.0 connections, great variety of rear connections (HDMI, DVI, D-SUB and DisplayPort 1.2) and its pivotable rotation of 90 degrees.

5. BenQ BL2710PT | 27 inches – IPS WQHD

With sun panel IPS it becomes a highly recommended purchase. It is very comparable to the earlier one but offers better color fidelity, but it can present the famous Bleeding … its response time is double with 12 ms, and it brings VGA, DVI-D, DisplayPort and two USB 3.0 connections. Before going for it and for the difference in price I would choose the 32-inch one, but if it does not fit on the table … this option is great.

Best Monitors for PC

6. Asus MG279Q | 27 Inch – IPS – 144 Hz – FreeSync

We added this piece of the 27-inch monitor with IPS panel and 144 Hz. It has FreeSync technology support, and its price is 615 euros. About 80 euros are cheaper than your PG278Q with TN panel at 144 Hz. You can see our analysis in the middle of this year.

2560 x 1080p (Ultra panoramic)

The too much panoramic resolution that depends on a lot on the end user. In this case, if you have to try to see it in person before buying it. At first, it is hard to get used to it … and you choose to change the monitor.

1. LG 34UM67 | 34 “inches

Possibly the best Gaming monitor offered by LG in this resolution. With a acknowledgment time of 5 ms and a first-class IPS panel. It offers us many possibilities of connectivity and at a somewhat higher price of 495 euros.

2. Dell UltraSharp U2913WM | 29 “inches

We already analyzed it, and we liked the result it offered. A good screen, very panoramic and a variety of connections. Something expensive … but to watch movies is one of the best options.

Best Monitors for PC

3. LG 29UM67 | 29 “inches

We already entered into cheaper terms, and the LG 29UM67 offers an AH-IPS panel with a response time of 5 ms. With a light of 300 cd / m2 and a contrast of 5000000: 1, it makes it one of the best alternatives on the market to play and watch multimedia content.

4. LG 29UM57-P | 29 “inches

Like the previous one, it has an IPS panel and a response time of 5ms. Its price is a little lower, and we find it with a base that we like a lot.

5. LG 25UM57-P | 25 “inches

In the fifth position, we have the Low Cost of resolution 2560 x 1080p with IPS panel and a rejoinder time of 5 ms. The big difference is that it has a 25-inch screen … keep in mind because these versions are ultra panoramic but its price is a scandal, and I highly recommend it.

3840 x 2160p (4K)

The resolution that more hype is causing but that very few have because their wreck is through the roof. We found some models for less than 1000 euros, but their biggest problem is the hardware power you need. To play decently well you have to opt for an SLI GTX 980 Ti. Of course … a very expensive caprice.

1. Asus ROG Swift | 27 “Inch – IPS – G-SYNC

4K monitor Yes or no? Everything depends on your demands and above all your economy. For us, the favorite is the Asus ROG Swift PG27AQ with a 60Hz IPS panel and Nvidia’s G-Sync technology. Aesthetically it is incredible.

Best Monitors for PC

2. Acer XB280HK | 28 “Inch – IPS – G-SYNC

For these prices, we are forgetting IPS panels, this time we have a 28-inch TN LED. Ideal for gaming with a response time of 1ms and G-Sync technology … Our second option looks very interesting.

Best Monitors for PC

3. Asus PB287Q | 28 “Inches

Another great monitor with a response time of 1ms and TN panel. It incorporates two 2W speakers and a variety of rear connections: HDMI, HDMI / MHL, and DisplayPort.

4. Dell P2715Q | 27 “Inches – IPS

Finally, we have the fantastic Dell P2715Q with IPS quality panel, 9 ms of response time, contrast 1000: 1, HDMI outputs, DisplayPort, Mini Display and four USB 3.0 connections. One of the purchases 100% recommended. The hard fight against the Acer XB280HK.

5. Dell U3415W | 34 “Inches – Curved

This resolution is less demanding than the 4K and with a GTX 980 Ti 6GB, it is enough to move this range of monitors fluently. The most recommended is Dell U3415W which offers one of the best images with its curved panel, IPS technology and 8 ms reps time in normal mode and in the fast mode we lower it to 5 ms.

6. LG 34UM95 | 34 “Inches – IPS

Another monitor that removes hiccups with a response time of 5ms and IPS panel. Brutal aesthetics and above all a few frames … the immersion in the game is total and its price is the most tempting of all.

7. Samsung S34E790C | 34 “Inches – Curved – IPS

We ended up with the most expensive of all … A Samsung Curvo with IPS technology … It offers us more doubts than the Dell and goes down to the third position, besides being more expensive. But who want neither LG nor Dell this can be a great option.

Best Monitors for PC

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