Not only is it mandatory to wear it. If we take into account the figures of the DGT on the increased likelihood of death by not wearing the motorcycle helmet, in addition to mandatory, is the smartest choice.

The helmet protects the most sensitive area of the human body, the head, and reduces by 70% the probability of suffering a cranial injury. It is clear that we have to take it, but what elements should we take into account when buying it?

Motorcycle Helmet

At the time of buying a motorcycle helmet we always think of the protection that will provide us in the event of an accident, but ideally, we also start enjoying their benefits from the moment we start using it, without having to arrive at fatal situations.

These Are the Characteristics That We Must Take Into Account


If it is already annoying to carry something in the head, think that the weight will increase the wind resistance. The actual helmets are very improved, and they oscillate between 1-2,5 kg of weight. A heavy helmet increases the possibility of suffering neck and shoulder injuries, the areas that withstand the greatest muscular load.


If you are going to wear your helmet at high speeds and long journeys, noise is a factor to keep in mind. The wind is your worst enemy in this respect, so choosing an airtight helmet is the best option.


The materials influence both safety and weight. The motorcycle helmets made of carbon fiber are the lightest and also the most resistant, although the truth is that most brands use mixtures of many materials to get the best of each of them.

Motorcycle Helmet


Although it may seem a less important aspect, having a removable interior allows the cleaning of the dirt that accumulates inside the helmet, such as sweat and hairs. Also, with the passage of time, the interior cushion can yield, being less tight to the face than the first day. A removable interior allows to replace it from time to time.

We can advise you, taking into account all these aspects, choose the bike helmet that best suits your needs. In addition to good performance, the helmet should like you, remember that it is an accessory that you should always wear when riding a motorcycle.

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