We already wrote about the knives of the French company Opinel, talked about the creation and traditions of the company itself, and its legendary products, familiar to almost every family in France.

Today we want to tell you about new (relatively new and not only) models and to refresh and update the information on Opinel folding knives with the unique lock of the vibrocks.

Of course, the expression “unique” sounds somewhat pathetic (after all, this simple and reliable lock is offered by other manufacturers), but none of the other companies use the vibrook so massively and permanently.

opinel knife

We Like and Appreciate Opinel Knives for:

  • The simplicity of design and, consequently, high reliability
  • Fidelity to traditions (for two centuries the design of opinel knives was practically unchanged, only the assortment expanded)
  • Excellent maintainability
  • Lightness in customization
  • A wide variety (opinel produces a lot of versions of knives – from miniature to real “Cleaver,” as well as elegant nurseries, kitchen knives, special models and cutlery with a fixed blade)
  • Affordable price

Opinel knives are produced in huge lots, and their distribution geography covered almost the entire globe. But do not think that the designers of the French knife manufacturer rest on their laurels! The company is continually working on creating new models, trying to keep pace with the times.

Not so long ago in the assortment Opinel appeared folding knives with colored handles and a leather sword ( Opinel N8 Trekking knife ), positioned as tourist models. And also fishing, hunting, etc. , in general – knives for those who prefer active rest.

On sale, there are versions with red , green, blue, gray handle. This model is equipped with a blade of stainless steel 12S27 Sandvik (length of the blade – 8.5 cm), well known for its anti-corrosion properties.

opinel knife

And most recently, in the second half of 2016, the original N12 Explore was released. The product is positioned as an “SUV” – a folding knife of universal purpose for tourists, fishermen, hunters, climbers, travelers and so on. The product is equipped with a blade of the same sandwich 12C27 (length of the blade – 10.0 cm) and a handle made of polyamide reinforced with fiberglass.

Naturally, the knife lock is a vibroock. Also, the knife is equipped with a hook, a flint, and a signal whistle. The handle can be executed in orange and green. Such a product can be called a survival knife. For sure, many fans of the brand Opinel novelty will have to taste.

Another worth recalling is the relatively new Opinel model – N9 DIY. This knife is positioned as a kind of multi-tool (two screwdriver bits are included in the package – under the cross and horizontal slot). If you use additional equipment, the knife can easily be converted into a screwdriver. And if you buy a set of other bits, then your favorite “open source” will become even more functional.

Shortly, we will be able to offer you an even more extensive range of reliable French Knives Opinel, successfully combining in their design the fidelity to tradition and modern trends in knife-making.

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