This is not the first time I’m talking about correctors of dark circles recommended, or that I like or that I will try. But as dark circles have accompanied me daily since I decided to be a blogger mom who writes when she can, which is usually hours more than a night.

Moms are the queens of dark circles, but it is great to see that year by year they innovate in products more comfortable and better finished. A few months ago I told you about an eye contour that I love. But it is not enough to treat bags or dark circles. I like to hide them with a concealer.

Today Goes of Makeup

Concealer Recommended

Long ago I told you about a concealer that I’ve worn for a long time. As I like to tell you everything, I want to tell you that for some months I have used another and I recognize that I am delighted and I will tell you why:

Instant Full Cover Canceller by Bobbi Brown

I like it because the result is very natural. There is a very wide range of tones, and it did not take the much clearer contour to Sara Carbonero 10 years ago. Illuminates dark areas and softens the appearance of the eye col.

Do not dry the area as other products do. And for me something vital, it is not cramped and is long lasting. And it’s also taking a long time because you have to use very little. I do not know if it’s age, but every time I like to go more natural.

Today Goes of Makeup

Do Not Look like I’m in Makeup

Logically for special occasions, yes, but in the day to day, I like that the skin has a natural appearance. And I must admit that it is the most natural concealer I have ever used. But without a doubt perhaps what makes it stand out above the rest is that it does not break as I have already told you.

If you look at people, most of the concealers are cracked and do not look good. I want to leave you a video so that you see the result with very little product and the effect that it seems that you do not take corrector.

I’m sure you’ll like it as much as I do.

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